Syncrolite products have been used by the most discriminating lighting designers to illuminate and provide visual effects to support musical acts around the world. Our systems has been used on everything from the largest stadium shows to arenas, theaters, and festivals.


No matter what size event you are imagining the sky is truly the only limit when Syncrolite is involved. The world’s largest celebrations are regularly filled with the power and beauty that can only be provided by Syncrolite products.


The bigger the building, bridge, monument or landscape the more you will appreciate what Syncrolite can do. No matter if your vision is a special event or a permanent installation Syncrolite has the expertise you desire. We also offer the ability to create custom products to meet your specific illumination and environmental needs.


Creative minds have called on Syncrolite to star in many television and film shoots. Our high CRI and True CTO filter combine to deliver ideal illumination and consistent and repeatable effects.


Dependability, scale and impressing audiences are the benefits realized by theme parks the world over who have come to trust Syncrolite when building their biggest attractions


Want to learn about the details of some of Syncrolite’s biggest projects? Case Studies explore the challenges and triumphs of some of the largest lighting projects ever attempted.