Join the Syncrolite Team!

Syncrolite has been providing our proprietary equipment and technical services for over 30 years to some of the largest concerts, events, theme parks, TV and film productions and architectural installations around the world. We are always looking for the best people to represent Syncrolite.

If you would like to be part of the excitement please review the “Job Listings” below for our current needs.


Syncrolite Certified Technician

We are always looking for the best technicians to become Syncrolite Certified Technicians. Syncrolite technicians prepare, install, operate and maintain Syncrolite lighting systems at live performance venues, events or permanent installations. They work in conjunction with Syncrolite employees and on-site lighting and production staff to ensure that the equipment is operating properly and provide expertise on the use of the Syncrolite equipment.

A Syncrolite Certified Technician needs:

  • to become certified by attending and passing training offered by Syncrolite;
  • prior experience with automated lighting equipment;
  • the ability to work as part of a team;
  • strong communication skills;
  • Mechanical and electronic troubleshooting skills;
  • ability to lift heavy equipment;
  • the ability to work to tight deadlines.


Working conditions

Lighting technicians work directly with production companies or independently supporting film and television productions, concert tours, architectural installations and outdoor events. To support event and production schedules, technicians are often required to work irregular and long hours, weekends, public holidays and at heights. Travel to and from the venue or travel with the production touring team is often required.

If you are interested in becoming qualified to be a Syncrolite Certified Technician, please contact us through the Contact’s page at and indicate your interest.