Tall buildings, historical monuments, long bridges, and the natural wonders of the world are the canvases that Syncrolite paints with its high performance xenon lighting systems. Whether the demand is for colored or white light, moving or static illumination, temporary or permanent installation, Syncrolite has a lighting solution for the most difficult architectural lighting challenges.

Some of the world’s most recognizable icons have been enhanced by Syncrolite illumination. From Paris’s Eiffel Tower to Saint Louis’s Gateway Arch, man-made and natural wonders have benefited from lighting designs built upon the outstanding capabilities of Syncrolite fixtures. Simply put, no other lighting system in the world has the reach and power of Syncrolite’s.

Built to stand up to the daily use of architectural lighting, Syncrolite products are ideal for taking on oversized projects that are not practical with other small lighting systems. If your lighting project seems to have impossible scale then it is clearly an ideal project for Syncrolite.

DSCN0403 - AR
FrostTower - AR
Legends - AR