MX4 is the most compact and powerful fully-automated Xenon Skylight of its kind!

MX4 Light


The Syncrolite™ MX4 is the smallest of our searchlight offerings but still packs the punch customers expect from Syncrolite products. The small size of the MX4 allows it to fit into tight television and film sets, loaded concert truss systems and architectural applications that do not require long projection distances. Even with its reduced profile and footprint the MX4 has the same feature set as the larger XL including our patented Omnicolor™ dichroic system. The MX4 is specified when physical requirements limit your choices, but when flat wash fields and bold beams are desired. Like the larger XL and SXL the MX4 is available in a range of configurations including fully automated or static and with or without the Omnicolor™ system.


  • Source: 4000W Xenon
  • Life: 650-1000 Hours
  • Color Temp: 6000
  • Beam: Tight pencil beam to 20°
  • Pan: 540° Variable Speed
  • Tilt: 250° Variable Speed
  • RDM optionally available on the purchase of new equipment
San Fran bridge lit up with Syncrolite lights