Spotrack™ and Spotrack Lite™ are two unique lighting control systems that turn your automated lighting fixtures into intelligent followspots.

Automated Lighting Fixtures as Followspots

A live video image appears on your computer screen. Using the Spotrack system the operator can track the performer with any standard pointing device. Wherever the cross hair points to on the screen your fixtures follow.

Paradigm Shift in Lighting Design

This simple and affordable system enables automated lighting fixtures to become Intelligent followspots where a single operator can remotely control multiple followspots converging on a central point for a variety of applications including concert touring, large and small theaters, festivals, live events, television or film.

Integration with your Lighting Console

Spotrack and Spotrack Lite work with any DMX compatible automated lighting fixture and all lighting consoles. Automated lighting fixtures can be controlled simultaneously by both the console and the Spotrack system. During tracking, the console operator can control any or all of the non-motion attributes of the fixture(s).

Ultimate flexibility

In one cue up to 20 automated lighting fixtures can be used for tracking and in the next cue the console can assign any subset, or a completely different set of lights to be controlled by Spotrack. This ability to dynamically assign fixtures enhances creative options and optimizes fixture utilization.