The SyncroMITE™ AFS is a new concept in lighting design.


The SyncroMITE™ AFS is a new concept in lighting design. Designed to be used in a variety of applications including concert touring, theater, festivals, live events, television or film the SyncroMITE AFS brings intelligent lighting control to the followspot world.

The SyncroMITE AFS is supplied standard with dichroic color system, iris, a precise linear dimming wheel, strobe and wash effects. The SyncroMITE AFS is ideal for short and medium throw use. It features innovative custom Xenon lamp technology with 97 CRI and operates at 6500 Kelvin, producing a crisp natural white light.


  • Unique 2000 Watt Xenon lamp producing 97 CRI
  • High-resolution pan and tilt (16 bit)
  • Beam sizing iris
  • Precise linear Dimmer wheel to control intensity, create a full black out and provides a variable strobe effect
  • Innovative XenoCOLOR™ system provides over 60 full-field vivid colors
  • Highest efficiency optical design with 11” output aperture
  • Standard with DMX and RDM protocol. Internal wireless control optional.
  • Zoom beam adjustment range of 5° to 10°
  • CTO and CTB filters tuned to Xenon spectrum for true color renderin
  • Compact, light-weight and fully integrated into a single package
  • On-board auto-sensing power supply, 200-250 VAC 50/60Hz @13.5 A max
  • Frost flag provides an option for a soften flat-field