SyncroMITE™ Beam

Moving Lights Done BRIGHT



The SyncroMITE™ Beam was designed to be used in a variety of applications including concert touring, festivals, live events, television and film or architectural applications.  It comes standard with built-in glass dichroic color mixing filters, a gobo wheel, blackout shutter, strobe and wash effects.

It features innovative Xenon lamp technology with 97 CRI and operates at 6500 Kelvin producing a crisp natural white light.  The SyncroMITE™ Beam is based on a multi-element optical system that produces a true “beam” effect with a large eleven-inch output aperture and provides extremely high center beam intensity (CBI).


  • Unique 2000 Watt Xenon lamp producing 97 CRI
  • High-resolution pan and tilt (16 bit)
  • Three beam sizing apertures are available as well as nine fixed E-size Gobos
  • Two ten position color wheels allowing for vivid colors and split colors
  • Highest efficiency optical design with 11” output aperture
  • Standard with DMX and RDM protocol.
  • Internal wireless control optional
  • Zoom beam adjustment range of 3° to 5.1°
  • Beam frost/diffusion
  • CTO and CTB filters tuned to Xenon spectrum
  • Compact, light-weight and fully integrated into a single package
  • On-board auto-sensing power supply, 200-250 VAC 50/60Hz @13.5 A max
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