Syncrolite Introduces The SyncroMITE™ Beam

Syncromite2DALLAS, TEXAS – October 13, 2015 – Syncrolite is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest product family member: the SyncroMITE™ Beam.  The SyncroMITE Beam offers a new twist with revolutionary brightness in a compact integrated moving light that offers the advantages of a Xenon source in a traditional moving light sized package.

The SyncroMITE Beam outputs 97 CRI and narrow beams (3° native) in a convenient package ready to tour, install or hire into any application.  The SyncroMITE Beam provides an extremely high center beam intensity (CBI) through a massive eleven-inch output aperture. Other features include two color wheels designed to produce fully saturated single and mixed colors, a Gobo wheel, flag shutter for dousing and strobe effects, zoom lenses, beam diffusion, on-board auto-sensing power supply and much more.


The SyncroMITE Beam will make its first public appearance at LDI2015 at the Syncrolite booth, 1366.  To celebrate this event, we are holding a “Selfie with SyncroMITE™ Beam” contest where the winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Certificate and 50 runners up winners will get special edition SyncroMITE Beam t-shirts.  Check out to see the complete rules and to enter the contest.

Only a handful of industry leaders have seen the SyncroMITE Beam in action.  Be sure to count yourself among that growing group by watching the video and coming to booth 1366 at LDI to see it in person.  There you can experience the unique combination of high output and the broad set of features wrapped into such a small package.

To get a preview of the SyncroMITE Beam, you can check out this short video.

“The SyncroMITE Beam is the result of us listening to our customers and responding to their needs,” remarked Jerry Trojan, CEO of Syncrolite.  “We are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm over this breakthrough product with the crowd at LDI and having some fun with our ‘Selfie with SyncroMITE Beam’ contest.”  All visitors that take a selfie with the SyncroMITE Beam at LDI will receive a pair of sunglasses to indicate that they have witnessed the brightness of the SyncroMITE Beam.