Cirrus 850

SkyLights are single-beam, fixed searchlights used to project attention-getting beams of light.


Built with integrity, the Cirrus is engineered for Ushio’s revolutionary “EmArc” family of enclosed arc lamps. Powered by a medical grade, integral electronic ballast the SMH-850w/D1 arc lamp delivers output approaching a 2KW Xenon, plugs directly into a standard 120 volt wall outlet and draws less than 15 amps. The Cirrus is designed for years of quiet, depend able, main te nance-free service. Its chassis, housing, and base enclosure are constructed of steel andm rustproof aluminum and coated with a durable, powder coat finish designed to withstand the severest of outdoor conditions. The 20” model utilizes a corrosion resistant, electroformed, nickel-rhodium reflector. Manufactured with space-age technology throughout, the Silverbeam Cirrus can be expected to operate with outstanding efficiency throughout the lifetime of the unit. All lamps maintain a daylight bright color temperature throughout their rated 1000 hour lamp life


  • • continuous 360° motorized rotation
    • durable powder coat finish
    • lightweight and portable
    • nickel based rhodium plated electroformed reflector
    • 850 watt EmArc lamp. Output equal to 2KW xenon
    • 6000K (Kelvin color temperature)
    • plugs directly into a standard 120v wall outlet.
    • draws less than 15 amps
    • variable speed control
    • reversible rotation
    • all systems are assembled with stainless steel external hardware
    • adjustable tilt ideal for target lighting