The MiniTracker is a compact, full-mo­tion, single-head metal halide searchlight producing a highly visible coherent beam of light.


It moves in a continuous and attention-getting circular pattern. The sweeping beam not only adds motion and excitement to an event or lighting effect, but also pinpoints the location.

Both the projection angle of the light beam and the speed of the lamphead’s rota­tion are easily set. The MiniTracker plugs into any 120 volt (optionally 240 VAC), 15 ampere AC receptacle.


  • SkyTracker Exclusively Designed Mechanics and High Reflective Optics
  • Leading Edge Metal Halide Technology
  • Lamphead rotates 360° at variable speeds
  • Precision Nickel Electroformed Parabolic Reflector coated for High Output performance
  • Heavy Duty Construction and Intelligently designed for easy field serviceability
  • Weathertight Housing for Indoor or Outdoor display
  • All fixtures include easy-adjust projection angle setting and convenient carry handles
  • Tempered Glass Lamphead Window
  • Operates from standard household current (120 volt, 15 ampere)
  • International voltages & frequencies available
  • Halide bulb plugs into prefocused base