Custom Products

Bring us your biggest challenges!


Custom Products

Solutions to difficult and unique lighting designs are not always achieved with standard products. Strong Lighting is dedicated to solving your issues and meeting your needs. Often this means that we develop custom products tailored to the specific requirements of a project. Working hand-in-hand with our customers we rise to the challenge ensuring that the vision of the design team is realized.

Many times the needs of a lighting fixture are a subset of the features and functions of our standard products. Other times a custom solution is required which utilize the core technologies that define Strong Lighting products like xenon light engines or our patented Omnicolorâ„¢ system. These solutions can have little or no resemblance to our standard products.

No matter what your needs may be, bring us your most difficult requirements. Our team of hardware, software, optical and mechanical designers and engineers will apply their considerable knowledge and experience to solving your project’s needs. Once designed, your custom solution will be expertly assembled in our flexible manufacturing facility to the highest standards.

Lumia - White - Formated
Savannah - White - Formated
Static Head - White - Formated
Green ArenaColor - White - Formated