iChip 200


Weighing in at a mere 60lbs (with standard base) and measuring only 28.5″ in length, the revolutionary iChip 200 sets a new standard for efficiently key lighting a moving performer. At a mid-range 50′ in spot mode, it can produce an impressive 4200 Lux of daylight-bright illumination. These are brightness numbers usually associated with arc lamps. Yet the iChip uses no heavy, expensive ballast and has no high voltage or UV hazards. It will produce a high-intensity 5600K beam of flicker-free light throughout its long 6000-hour life. The iChip Mystere is quiet, energy-efficient, and cool to the touch, a perfect fit for applications where compact size and flexibility are needed. A full-featured theater spotlight, it still fits easily into the trunk or backseat of a car, making it ideal for rental shops, touring, school, church, or community groups.


Throws from 15-150 feet
• 3:1 zoom range
• Draws less than 7 amps
• 200 Watts
• 6000hr LED Module
• 5,600 Kelvin
• 90 CRI
• Coated Optics
• Steep 70° down tilt and 60° up tilt
• Full 360° horizontal sweep
• Six-color color changer
• Lightweight steel chassis, with aluminum housing and components
• Iris and dowser
• Small, rugged, and compact
• Quiet, cool operation
• 3-position lamp & fan control switch
• Easy to operate and maintenance-free
• Black powder coat finish
• Made in the USA