Case Study

Aria City Center

Strong Lighting worked with Wet Design to develop a custom lighting system for the Aria Resort and Casino at CityCenter in Las Vegas that would allow for the colored illumination of synchronized streams of water in the entry fountain to be visible in daytime as well as evening. Strong Lighting worked closely with the team from Wet Design to develop 26 customized 7k Xenon fixtures with an IP54 rating for this application.

Fixtures are mounted below the fountain and the light beams are directed toward the top of the fountain and onto the water streams by a combination of a custom pan and tilt mechanism and mirrors designed by Strong Lighting. This configuration allows for the light fixtures to be hidden from view while also achieving the goal of changing the color of the water streams throughout the day.

The proof of concept and development of this system was an iterative process with Wet Design to develop a lighting fixture that could withstand the extremely wet environment, and fit into a specific space below the fountain while achieving the desired outcome. Included in this installation was an elevating rail system that Strong Lighting designed to allow the fixtures to be installed into the tight space but easily removed for servicing.

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