Theme and Amusement Parks have never been more popular. Why? These venues consistently deliver what audiences are looking for: unique entertainment offerings that amaze, amuse and mystify people from around the world and create memories that last a lifetime. Shows at these parks are often oversized spectaculars that combine projection, fireworks, pyrotechnics, music and lighting. When faced with lighting design dilemmas and demands for high audience approval, show designers have time and again turned to Strong Lighting.

Park designers and operators take advantage of the scale that Strong Lighting fixtures offer to build big, bright, bold shows. The unprecedented reliability of Strong Lighting products ensures that night after night audiences are not disappointed but rather are blown away by the overwhelming visual effects provided by the Strong Lighting fixtures and the supporting cast of state-of-the-art technologies.

Because of their versatility, Strong Lighting products have been used in many roles in this setting. From simple character illumination to broad field illumination to aerial effects, Strong Lighting delivers the “awe” factor audiences demand.