Ultra Quartz III


The Ultra Quartz incorporates an integrated dichroic reflector ENX or FLE lamp that draws 360 watts at 82 volts. The light output of the Ultra Quartz is equivalent to or greater than the light output of conventional 1000 watt followspots and now features a mechanical dousing function. At a 60 foot throw with the iris open and lenses adjusted to the spot position, the Ultra Quartz beam has a diameter of 8 feet; light output is over 124 footcandles. With the lenses set in flood position the beam’s diameter is 20 feet and light output is over 40 footcandles. The Ultra Quartz operates on standard 120V, 50/60 Hz AC and is also available for 220/240 volt 50 Hz operation. Perfect for portable or permanent use, the Ultra Quartz weights just 50 pounds, including base. This makes it ideal for small theaters, nightclubs or school auditoriums. The sturdy Ultra Quartz holds up to on-the-road abuse and rigorous rental schedules.


• throws from 25-100 feet
• 3:1 zoom range
• draws less than 4 amps
• iris and douser
• high intensity dichroic reflector lamp
• six-color color changer
• steep 70° downward tilt and 60°upward tilt
• full 360° horizontal sweep
• superb lumen maintenance